For Kids

Cow Says Moo Poetry

Educational fun for kids!

Excite your kids with their very own animal poetry book! Record their delight.

Cow Says Moo

Fun for toddlers!

Watch your child's excitement as they learn to associate sounds with different animals!


WiFi Passwords

View your saved WiFi passwords

Easily recover and share the passwords to all the WiFi networks stored on your rooted Android phone.

Recently Installed Apps

Quick access to your recently installed apps.

This widget lets you see your most recently installed apps in a variety of layouts.

Said Obama!

Make your own political satire!

Create and share funny pictures of President Obama!


Chinese Whispers

A new take on the old classic.

Try out this modern twist on the classic 'telephone game' concept with a group of friends.


A new kind of word game.

Check out this new word game that gives the phrase 'four letter word' a whole new meaning.


Chuck Norse Facts

Daily laughs with Chuck Norse, the Viking Warrior.

Sure to keep you and your friends in stitches: The Chuck Norse Fact of the Day Widget.

Jane Austen Quotes

Brighten your day with a Jane Austen quote of the day!

See a different Jane Austen quote on your homescreen every day.

Confucius Say Quotes

Parody quotes with customizable widget.

Check out these hilarous parody quotes from the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius.

The World Feels

Feel the pulse of the world.

See a stream of tweets about what others hope, wish, love and hate on your homescreen.


Android Scala Installer

Painless Scala on Android.

Pre-install standard Scala libraries for faster deployment of Scala applications during development.

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